Hi, I’m Bethany!

As the artist of Passing Notes, I design and create each piece by hand. I like sitting on a couch with my ipad and pencil, doodling encouragement. I am a youth worker as well, working in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. Dancing (and choreographing), theater, and hanging with friends fill my free time. My husband and I have a dog named Piper, she is my snuggle buddy and hug giver. She is soon to be trained as a therapy dog so that her and I can bring joy and encouragement to kids at the children’s hospital. I’m super glad you are here, and would love to have you join me over on Instagram, too! I share over there almost daily, so it’s a good way to get to know more about me and Passing Notes, and gives me the opportunity to meet you, too. Welcome to the Passing Notes family- we like you!

What is Passing Notes Studio all about?

Here at Passing Notes Studio, we love to encourage others! Our heart is to help you encourage those around you. We’ve created products that make that simple, meaningful and personal:

  • Passing Notes Packs- 3×3 inch cards in a hard carrying case, with encouraging art that you can pass to anyone! There is even space on the back to write a personal note.
  • Art Prints- To encourage yourself, or to gift to someone you love.
  • Stickers- Put them on water bottles, phones, computers, etc. You will encourage people you don’t even know as they pass you (it’s encouraging to you, too!)
  • Travel Mugs and Classic Mugs- Take encouraging art with you and look stylish as you drink coffee.
  • Journals- A place where you can pour your heart, and be encouraged while you do it.

I hope you’ll find something you love, and if not, reach out to me so you and I can work together to create something just for you.

Thank you for visiting, I am really glad you’re here! Join me on Instagram (@passingnotes.studio), I post there almost daily, so it is a great way to get to know me, and gives me the opportunity to get to know you, too. Have a question, or looking for something specific? Click that contact me button.